Allens is a leading international law firm, with partners, lawyers and corporate services employees across Asia and Australia. We work with many of the world’s leading organisations, including 55 of the world’s top 100 companies and more than 75 of Australia’s top 100 companies.


It begins with our people

It’s our people who make us great. It is our priority to ensure you are constantly challenged, recognised, rewarded and empowered throughout your career.


Our unique way of working

We adopt a flexible approach to the way we work that builds strong and diverse teams, and is one of the reasons lawyers tell us a career at Allens is so rewarding. You won’t be limited to working with a particular partner or group. Instead, you will have the opportunity to drive your career by working with a range of lawyers and partners across the firm.


We make the complex simple

We’re known for the quality of our legal minds. That’s why we attract some of the most complex legal work and why our firm and our lawyers are recognised as the best in the profession.


Our strategic alliance

Our integrated alliance with Linklaters means we are able to share resources and offer our clients a seamless service through a global network of 39 offices across 28 countries. When you join our firm, you are joining a global network, with opportunities across Australia, Asia, Europe and the US.


Life-long learning

The learning never stops at Allens. It’s woven into our culture and makes our people better leaders as well as better legal practitioners.  Along with formal technical training and development, we offer a mentor program, a buddy program and support to pursue further education outside the firm.


We recruit most of our graduates through our clerkship program.  Gain first-hand exposure to life as a lawyer at Allens. Get involved in work as soon as you set foot in the firm. Work alongside lawyers and partners. Learn from their experience and enjoy their support.



A curious mind is vital, as is plenty of initiative. The more adaptable you’re prepared to be and the more energy you bring, the more you’ll get out of your career at Allens. You’ll be able to steer a path that turns possibilities into realities.



Excellence is essential; it’s a guarantee we give our clients. Intellectually rigorous, driven and eager to learn; you’ll set the highest standards for yourself and strive to be the best you can be.



Successful lawyers understand that law is more than an academic pursuit. It’s about understanding the client – their objectives and the challenges they face – as well as the wider commercial environment in which we operate.



Positive people thrive in our environment. We look for people who can build sustainable careers with us; people who successfully juggle a busy life and varying commitments while maintaining their wellbeing. Like us, you’ll believe that leading a full, active life outside the law can make you a better person to work with.



Our clients often tell us we have ‘great people’. And it’s true. We look for diversity – people who bring a fresh perspective and energy to everything they do, with the ability to create strong relationships with each other and with clients.

How to apply:
Contact: Amy Spira, Graduate Resourcing Consultant